This might make me Mr Unpopular

The last few days I’ve been talking about serving others in the quest to be a “giving person.”

(If you missed Tuesday’s devo you can link to it here. And here is Wednesday’s.)

Today I’m going to continue this theme. And I might become Mr. Unpopular in the process. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the subscription to this devo drops by a hundred after today!

But that’s okay. It’s healthy to push and challenge each other in a loving way from time to time.

It’s a message for those who think they’re too busy to serve and help others—and here it is:

If you’re too busy to serve, you’re actually too lazy to set priorities.


Now let me be clear. If you’re in a crisis or struggling to keep your head above water in some other way, you need to focus on that. I get it.

But I think many of us aren’t giving with our time, talent or energy simply because we’re not willing to
(a) identify godly priorities, and
(b) rearrange our schedules to accommodate them.

Greg Stubbs is a small group leader for some young people at a church in Georgia. He has a big heart for young people. Not only is Greg a small group leader but he’s in the military.

A few years ago he was deployed overseas. Thanks to modern technology Gregg was still able to keep in touch with the young people in his group by email. A mom was so impressed with this that she told the pastor, Andy Stanley.

The next time Greg was home in Georgia, Andy asked him to join him at the front of the church as an example of setting priorities and serving others even when you have other important things going on.

Then he said that if anyone felt they were doing too much or were too busy to serve, that they should come to the front of the church and give their excuses to Greg.


My hope with today’s devotional is to simply make you pause and ask yourself whether there’s an area in your life where you’re serving and blessing others. Maybe it’s an official role through an organization. But it doesn’t have to be. It could be informal, or with friends, at work, or with your free time.

In Matthew 20:28 Jesus said that he “did not come to be served, but to serve…” I think the same is true for you and me. A part of the reason we are here on this earth isn’t to BE served, but TO serve.

Are you somehow using your time, talent, treasure or energy to bless others? If not, you’ll need to look at your schedule and make some changes.

By Matthew Ruttan


One thought on “This might make me Mr Unpopular

  1. “Good Morning Mr. Unpopular”…a good time to clear out the “clutter folk”…the genuine will stay…yesterday’s article “right on”…experienced it many times…


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