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Proactively preparing for what could be the worst month of your life [Listening option available] (2020)

Did Jesus say he was God? [Listening option available] (2020)

The nativity you never knew? In in-depth, historical look at Jesus’ birth in Luke 2:1-20 [Listening option available] (2020)

Tradition vs. Traditionalism (2020)

A Motto for a Pandemic (2020)

Coping with our broken illusion of control (2020)

Suggestions for a more robust prayer life (2020)

The Ingredients of True Happiness — According to Calvin (2020)

Turbulence (The Forward to my new Book) (2020)

Tips for worshiping in front of a screen (2020)

The heartache of children during COVID-19 (2020)

Your mental health–now more than ever (2020)

Living with uncertainty indefinitely (2020)

Dear Church, it’s the pastor, don’t come to church this Easter (2020)

How to calm and relax your mind (2020)

Free Online Help & Resources for Pastors, Churches [Webpage] (2020)

Coronavirus, Perspective & Love [Interview] (2020)

6 Ways to be Loving in a Pandemic (2020)

Coronavirus, Fear & Faith (2020)

Discipleship Manual – A Resource for Lent (2020)

What is the “Good News”? (2020)

5 Helpful Study Bibles (2020)

Why is there so much evil and suffering if there is a benevolent being? [Video] (2020)

Questions About Christmas (2019)

Don’t be lured: Helping our kids stay safe from human traffickers (2019)

What we know about the end of the world [series summary] (2019)

Why Christmas is difficult for so many people (2019)

Better understanding the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ and how it works in Christians (2019)

More than just one or two ‘faith issues’ at the polls (2019)

Greater Contentment: 4 Insights for Christians (2019)

A dummies guide to the bazillion translations of the Bible (2019)

When does human life begin? (2019)

What Christian Parents Are Told To Teach Their Children? (2019)

Who decided what books would go into the New Testament (2019)

7 Little Known Facts About (Local) Human Trafficking (2019)

3 Dog-Rearing Tips… Applied to Kids (2019)

Why trust the Bible? (2019)

5 Tips to liberate your life from social media (2018)

Christmas Q & A (2018)

Why Christmas is difficult for so many people (2018)

The day you discover the pastor isn’t perfect (2018)

How to raise kids you’ll actually like as adults (2018)

Mental Health and the Role Gratitude Plays (2018)

Human trafficking — My interview with a volunteer engaged in the fight (2018)

Giving your kids the best without giving them “the best” (2018)

Tirritated — A new word for the resting-impaired (2018)

Why I don’t always vote the same way anymore (2018)

Is there evidence for the resurrection? (2018)

Does atheism require blind faith? (2018)

How to respond more effectively when someone questions your faith (2018)

How to be less of a jerk (2017)

Where does Halloween come from and how to keep it positive (2017)

Something well-meaning couples do that can lead to divorce (2017)

Does God even exist? (2017)

Are science and faith opposites? (2017)

The difference between over-protecting your child–and simply parenting them (2017)

Take the 7-day no complaint challenge (2017)

Why going to a worship service reduces your stress (2017)

What it’s like to be the Flanders (2017)

Why telling your kids you “fall” in (and out) of love can mess with their heads (2017)

The accusation I never want my future tech-savvy kids to make (2017)

Spirituality for Normal People – The Podcast (2017)

When a parent dies too soon. 3 people share what they miss most and the advice they’d give everyone else. (2017)

I Just Turned 40. And This One Principle Has Repeatedly Changed My Life. Might It Change Yours? (2017)

The Lesson My Kids Have to Keep Teaching Me (2017)

Answering Your Most Popular Questions About Christmas (2016)

“Did Jesus Really Exist?” – My response to the strange claims of Maclean’s magazine (2016)

New Song — “From Heaven to Earth” (2016)

Why Letting Your Kids Struggle is Good Parenting (2016)

How to quickly become the perfect husband and improve your wife’s life without changing anything you’re already doing (2016)

The Giving List (2016)

Two Awesome Rules For Your Home No Matter Who You Are Or What You Believe (2016)

One Real Way to Showcase Humility (and Strength) To Your Children (2016)

Three Ways to Curb Sibling Rivalry (2016)

1 Surefire Way to Build Up Your Spouse in The Eyes of Your Kids (2015)

What Makes People Happy? (2015)