Welcome to The Up Devo!Matthew_resized for web 15

First, a word of explanation. “Devo” is short for devotional. It comes out at 5am five days a week (Tuesday to Saturday) and will help you get up, look up, and be up.

In a minute or less you’ll be able to read a short devo that is based on a biblical passage and will help you live your day in a more abundant way.

It’s been going since April 2015.

Okay, a few things about me:

These days my motto is this: A pulse doesn’t mean you’re alive. That’s kind of big in my thinking right now.

What gets me up in the morning is a desire to help people live out their faith in practical ways today. Oh, and also my alarm clock and three kids who want breakfast.

I’m a husband (to the best wife on the planet) and the pastor at a vibrant congregation, Westminster Church in Barrie, Canada.

If you meet me at Starbucks you’ll find me with a tall peppermint Latte. And one day I hope to own a rowboat. Just because it seems awesome.

My pet peeves are TVs in restaurants, wet socks, out-of-date websites, mosquitoes, hangnails, and DVDs that won’t play because they have too many scratches.

In 2015 I served as the Teen Week Chaplain at Glen Mohr Camp, and received an award for “Best Blog” by the Canadian Church Press. How encouraging! (You can read my blog at www.MatthewRuttan.com). I also enjoyed leading a workshop at the 2016 Canada Youth conference to young leaders. Recently I’ve been interviewed on the “Spirituality for Normal People” Podcast hosted by Matt Brough, and the “Young Church Leaders” podcast hosted by Grant Vissers.

Plus, I serve on the national Church Doctrine Committee and have had a variety of articles published in the past few years by These Days Magazine and The Presbyterian Record.

In fall 2017 I’ll be publishing my first book: Turbulence: How to navigate the storms of life (Because no one gets a free ride).

I should also say that on my days off I like to wear track pants, play Lego, and make pancakes. Sometimes they have chocolate chips. But only when I’m feeling crazy.

Here’s a few fun facts: I…

  • Served as an extra in a Nicolas Cage movie (No, I didn’t get to meet him. Bummer.)
  • Appeared as the guitar player in Deric Ruttan’s hit video “When You Come Around” (He’s my big bro!)
  • Performed at Canadian Music Week and two Mariposa Folk Festivals
  • Did a 3-song publishing deal with Song / ATV Tree Music Publishing

And then there’s this. I believe…

  • In prayer and that humans do have wings (they’re called knees)
  • That the castle of your character is built one brick at a time
  • That if you have a life-changing faith your faith should be changing your life
  • And that you can’t lead from the middle

Why not follow along with The Up Devo? I have fun writing it, and I think you’ll be encouraged reading it.

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