To get something great

Proverbs 25:28
“A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls.” (NLT)

Today’s Thought
I’m three days in to a three week coffee fast.

Just to be clear, that means I’m not drinking ANY coffee. For three weeks. At all. Zilch.

For some of you that’s no big deal. But for me, coffee has become a steady part of my day. A friend of mine told me they would put a coffee IV into their veins if they could get away with it. Although I don’t think I drink a lot of coffee compared to other people, I just really like it when I do!

So why would I give it up?

Fasting is simply going without something for a limited period of time. It’s usually food or a beverage. And sometimes people give up things like social media or the news.

The purpose is to humbly remind yourself of your dependence on God; to eventually recapture the goodness of whatever you’re giving up; but mostly, to spiritually focus yourself in your walk with Jesus. LifeChurch says that when we fast, “we deny ourselves things we love for something we love even more.”

I realize that these days, fasting is about as popular as a speeding ticket. But if you’re feeling like you need to inject some spiritual muscle into your flabby heart, why not try a small fast to strengthen your resolve to be a light-spreading follower of Jesus?

Sometimes our short-term comforts gets in the way of our long-term commitments.

If you’re thinking of going on a fast and have some health concerns, do a bit of research first. I don’t want you keeling over or hurting yourself. But stepping outside your comfort zone is sometimes just what you need to shake off the fuzz and get your eyes back on God.

What could it be? What is something you love that you should deny yourself for something you love even more? A food… a beverage… a habit? Why not give it a try?

Sometimes you have to let go of something good to get something great.

By Matthew Ruttan

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