Tweets, Selfies and other things that change

Imagine you were alive 10 years ago and got a glimpse of today’s news headlines. With new words like Tweet and Selfie, would some of them even make any sense? Probably not. Things change.

Now image that today you could see some news headlines for 10 years from now. What new words would there be? What new issues would people be thinking about?

The thing about the passage of time is that some things change and some things don’t. If I imagine myself 10 years down the road, I’m guessing that my hair will be grayer, my family will be older, and I’ll finally be driving that Camaro I’ve always wanted. (Just kidding about that last one!)

But one thing that will NOT change is Jesus. Hebrews 13:8 says: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

Words change, but his wisdom is permanent. Your looks change, but his love is unmoving. The world will be wrapped up in different crises, but he will still offer the same hope-soaked healing to anyone who calls out to him.

So why am I saying all this?

Because it’s easy to lose sight of eternity. With newscasts, social media feeds, wrinkles, lost opportunities, temporary happiness, school stress, workplace politics, and calendars that never fail to march forward, it’s easy to forget the big picture.

Today, remember this simple, powerful fact: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

No matter what happens, his wisdom, love and healing endures through every single season of life. Including yours.

Don’t get so caught up in temporary things that you lose sight of eternal ones.

By Matthew Ruttan


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