Honest about needing help

Honesty is a virtue. I’m not sure anyone would argue with that. It’s good to be honest about how we deal with our neighbours and about answering people’s questions.

But we’re not always honest about needing help.

Maybe that’s because we think “being strong” is the same as being independent. ‘If I’m honest about needing help,’ we wonder, ‘maybe people will think I’m weak.’

Well, guess what. Strength isn’t about pretending to have it all together, knowing all the answers, and lying about how perfect your life is.

That’s just stubborn foolishness.

In fact, it’s the strong ones who are honest about needing help. And it’s also the strong ones who are serious about getting that help.

Are you in a spiritual dry spell?
Do you need to unburden your soul?
Do you need to talk to a Christian counselor?
Are you in over your head with something?
Are you stressed beyond what you’ve experienced before?

It’s okay to ask for help.

In fact, it can be a sign of strength (not weakness). I think that’s what Paul is getting at when he says this in 2 Corinthians 12:10: “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” Being honest about our weaknesses compels us to call on God with greater rigor, and opens us up to receiving his wisdom and strength from other godly people in our lives.

Strong people are honest about needing help and serious about getting help.

If you need help with something, that’s okay. Be honest, be strong, and reach out.

By Matthew Ruttan

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