Despite the odds

Who would you put in the following blank?

When I think of someone who is courageous, I think of ________________.

When I do it, my first instinct is to think about people who’ve done incredible things in the face of adversity.

Through the years I’ve known World War Two veterans, so I think of them. I also think about Moses who went up against the King of Egypt.

Courage is choosing to act despite the odds. And that’s certainly true for them.

The reason I think of these examples is quite simply because I know about them. They’re people I’ve talked to or read about in stories.

But most acts of courage go unseen. And they are still courageous.

The mom who breaks her back every month to ensure her kids are getting an education and that the mounting stack of bills are paid…

The man who sits alone in his apartment and refuses to give in to his angry thoughts…

The teenager who risks being shunned because she chooses to take a pass on spreading the hateful rumours about a friend…

The man filling out a new business loan application when all he can hear in his head are the words “You’ll-never-amount-to-anything”…

The girl who reaches out to a friend from the past who she knows is being pulled down a path of addiction…

If you have blood and a pulse, you have the potential for courage. Why? Because you’re not alone. If you are in Christ, you are powered by the Holy Spirit, and are a part of his army of light.

In the words of Psalm 27:14 (ESV): “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage…”

Courage is choosing to act despite the odds.

By Matthew Ruttan

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