In spite of you

Some streams of thought are simply polluted. They contaminate your brain.

For example, always talking negatively about yourself is like this. (This usually happens inside your head.) Instead of living confidently as a child of God, you continually berate yourself and chip away at your self-assurance with a non-stop, self-defeating monologue.

When it comes to Christianity, another polluted stream of thought is that God would never save you (because you always mess us) and would never use you (because you’re so imperfect).

If you think like that, you need to ask yourself where that thinking comes from. Then you need to identify it and throw it out the window.

In his new book The Problem of God, B.C. Pastor Mark Clark says this: “God doesn’t save you and use you because of you but in spite of you.”

I like that. God saves you and uses you for wonderful things in this world not because you’re so awesome—but because he is!

After talking about using our talents to serve others, Peter says this: “To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever.” (1 Peter 4:11, NIV). That’s significant. Why? Because it’s not about bringing ourselves glory, but God!

Today, don’t be down because you have a history of messing up and because you know you’re imperfect. Be up because God can do more in and through you than you could ever do by yourself.

All you have to do… is say Yes.

By Matthew Ruttan


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