The language of God?

Are we just here by chance, or by design? Are we the result of randomness, or is there an orchestrated intelligence to life on earth?

A lot of people feel that chance and randomness are the order of the day. But are they sure? The question we need to ask is this:

Where does the evidence point?

One of the powerful arguments for God’s existence is that life, our universe, and our world shows evidence of being wonderfully designed. The argument is that creation is so perfectly sophisticated, complex and beautiful that it points to a divine Designer—to God.

Theoretical physicist Paul Davies says that “the appearance of design is overwhelming.” Frances Collins, the award-winning scientist who mapped the human genome refers to the intelligent, sophisticated information woven into even the smallest aspects of the universe as “the language of God.”

‘Maybe,’ some respond. ‘But it can still be chance.’

Really? Can you really say that after looking at the actual mathematics?

Physicist Paul Davies says that the chance of our universe coming into existence like it is, is like a marksman aiming at a coin and hitting it. But the coin isn’t in the next room. It’s on the other side of the observable universe, 20 billion lightyears away!!!

Where does the evidence point? It points to a divine Designer—to the God who created the universe, and who created you and me on purpose.

Over the door of his famous physics laboratory, scientists James Clerk-Maxwell put Psalm 111:2: “Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.”

When you ponder how amazing life is… When you ponder how amazing the universe is… You don’t find fewer reasons to believe in God, you find more.

Take notice of the unparalleled beauty, sophistication and intelligence woven into life around you. It is “the language of God.”

And one of the things I think it’s saying is this: “Do not be afraid. I am right here with you.”

By Matthew Ruttan

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