Abstract faith dies

I live close to an amusement park called Canada’s Wonderland. It has roller coasters, rides, and sugary-foods galore.

I first learned about it in T.V. commercials when I was small. I could even tell you where it was, what the sign looked like, and the names of some of the big rides.

But it wasn’t until I went there in person that I really got a first-hand look at how awesome it was. At first, Canada’s Wonderland lived in my mind as an incredible-yet-abstract idea. I had to go there myself for it be personal.

This same transition needs to happen for your faith to come alive. Faith that is abstract dies. But faith that is personal thrives.

Here’s the difference.

Your faith is abstract when you generally “believe” in God, but don’t live differently as a result. You haven’t stepped out on faith and onto the path of Jesus. In James 2:19 (NLT) it says, “You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God. Good for you! Even the demons believe this…” You may even think the Bible is important and go to church sometimes—but there’s still a distance, a disconnect. Don’t get too puffed up on that kind of “belief.” Even the demons believe!

Faith that is personal, on the other hand, means that you’ve committed yourself to God, and that you live your life differently as a result.

It means that you go out of your way to worship and pray on purpose.

It means that you go out of your way to stand up for someone who is treated unjustly.

It means that you spend your money wisely.

It means that Jesus is more than a nice guy: He’s an actual Saviour whose teachings impact your decisions and direction.

When you start to live like that, it’s like walking into a whole new world for the very first time.

Do you just “believe in God”? Or are you following Jesus? There’s a difference.

Abstract faith dies. Personal faith thrives.

By Matthew Ruttan


3 thoughts on “Abstract faith dies

  1. Hello, I have never hears about abstract faith until I heard Pastor Franklin Jentezen talk about it. Is this a biblical faith? I ask that because I can not even find explanation on it except what you and the Pastor gives. Can you please help me to understand where this faith came from? Is this just a faith that man came up with?

    Thank you Jae


    • Hi Jae, thanks for the note. What I mean here by ‘abstract faith’ is a faith that is just in your head and disconnected from daily living; so in this sense I’m not portraying as a positive thing. It’s negative because it doesn’t make a real difference in your day-to-day life. Faith in the Bible is a faith that connects both thoughts and actions as we trust in (and follow) the resurrected Jesus. Hope that helps!


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