The courage to face ridicule for God

No matter who or how old you are, I’m pretty sure you want your Christmas to be meaningful.

And you don’t have to look further than Joseph for some help to do just that.

When Joseph married Mary he stepped into a world of ridicule. After all, she would have given birth to Jesus LESS than 9 months after their marriage.

That might not be too uncommon today, but back then it was a serious issue.

If Mary’s pregnancy had been the result of unfaithfulness it could have been punishable by death; it would have brought shame on their families; and it could have risked Joseph’s business and reputation. Who would’ve believed that God himself was the baby’s father?!!

But Joseph had courage in the face of ridicule. He followed God’s command and “took Mary home as his wife” (Matthew 1:24). He cared more about what God thought than what other people thought.

And so can you.

In our society, with each passing year, your faith is going to make you stand out. And you’ll sometimes face ridicule for your beliefs. Because of that it’s tempting to downplay the importance of—and never talk about—your faith.

But don’t give in.

Joseph had the courage to face ridicule for God, and so can you.

If you just go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing your Christmas will probably be shallow. But it can be more meaningful if you simply, humble and confidently stand firm in your faith.

Celebrate Jesus’ birth. Worship God with joy. Be boldly generous in all things. And don’t hesitate to talk about what Christmas really means to you.

Joseph had the courage to face ridicule for God—and you can too.

By Matthew Ruttan


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