Chronic busyness

I’ve been talking a lot about love this week. It’s partly because…

-I recently spoke about love at the church I pastor
-a school shooting in Florida reminds us how desperately love continues to be needed
-and Jesus commands us to do it.

So as we try to love—that is, as we try to acknowledge that other people are created in God’s image and pursue God’s best for them—it’s helpful to honestly name the things that hold us back from loving others more fully:


Yup. Chronic busyness can undermine your capacity to love others.

I realize that busyness is sometimes inevitable. Life happens. But I truly think that CHRONIC busyness is the issue. If you NEVER have any flexibility in your schedule it will be harder for you to respond to other people’s hurts and needs when they arise.

Writing in Galatians 5:13 Paul says, “through love serve one another.” But that’s very hard to do if you never have any time or energy to give.

If you’re chronically busy, it may be hard to change overnight. But look for opportunities to lighten your load. Maybe it’s less screen time or simplifying something in your schedule. Or maybe it’s learning to say “No” to a request on your time and energy for something that just isn’t a key priority in your life.

“Through love serve one another.”

So proactively shape your schedule in a way that allows for it to happen.

By Matthew Ruttan


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