For Humboldt

Last Friday, a Junior hockey team in Saskatchewan, Canada called the Humboldt Broncos got into a massive bus accident. 15 people died, 13 of them were players.

When I heard about it, I was shocked, and then sad—for the horror of it all, for the loss of life, and for the families and friends whose lives would be changed forever.

I also thought about the three years I played Junior hockey. Late night bus trips were a regular part of that stage in my life. We would pass the time listening to music, telling jokes, catching up on homework (sometimes), playing pranks, talking about girls, and just being friends.

With all this in mind, let me share two thoughts.

First, when a tragedy like this happens a lot of people say things like, “My prayers are with you.” Some people mean it. Maybe others just don’t know what to say so they appeal to the language of faith. Either way, one thing you can do is to actually pray. Don’t just say it. Do it.

Second, take a look at your community involvement. One of the signs of hope in all of this is how a community is banding together through the hurt. Community matters. But it takes work. So look around you. Are you somehow invested in your community? Are you volunteering somewhere? Are you helping out? If not, stop loafing. If you’re healthy enough, that needs to change.

Romans 12:9 says, “Let love be genuine.” Do you know all that ‘love your neighbour’ stuff? Jesus meant it.

So, #ActuallyPrayForHumboldt. And make sure your community is glad you’re there.

By Matthew Ruttan


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