Against the noise

I once went on a monastic-style retreat. There was a lot of silence. I mean, a lot.

Other people seemed to instantly enter into a state of relaxation and calm. But for me it didn’t come so easy.

When I tried to calm my mind and enter a time of Christian meditation or prayer, things kept jumping into my head. The harder I tried to enter into silence, the louder my thoughts became! I couldn’t help think of needing to call so-and-so, or planning the next series of sermons, or needing more laundry detergent, or how interest rates might impact my mortgage…

So to centre myself I kept repeating a powerful scripture verse: “Come, Lord Jesus.” Over and over. It’s from the second last verse in the Bible, Revelation 22:20.

So that’s what I think you should do too.

Find 3 minutes. For the first minute, simply breathe deeply with your eyes closed. For the following two minutes, slowly repeat this powerful prayer from the early church: “Come, Lord Jesus.”

You’re not only praying for Jesus to return and make everything right again; you’re inviting him to come powerfully into your soul—right now.

The point of silence isn’t silence. The point of silence is to bring you back to un-bustled stillness at the foot of God’s awesome and awe-inspiring throne.

Won’t you pray it with me? Come, Lord Jesus

By Matthew Ruttan


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