Keep going

Yesterday I talked about difficult circumstances and how they can contribute to your spiritual growth and maturity as a person.

Now don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t wish difficulty on someone. And I don’t think that every problem we face is good.

But if we shift our perspective, I think we can open ourselves to the shaping, sculpting and molding activity of God in a whole new way…

even through the difficult seasons of life.

While teaching Christians about suffering, Paul said that “perseverance produces character” (Romans 5:4). To me, perseverance is the willingness to keep going no matter what.

And the more you keep plowing ahead the more you learn that a lot of the difficult seasons in life have an end date—and that the sun will come up tomorrow. It creates a confident mindset that God’s light always returns.

If you let him, God can use your current circumstances to shape, sculpt and mold you into a stronger, wiser and more faithful future you.

So if you’re dealing with difficulty, keep going.

Perseverance produces character.

By Matthew Ruttan

  • Today’s Up! is partly based on my Sunday podcast called “No Eraser — Re-thinking your difficult circumstances for a stronger, wiser, and more faithful future you.” You can listen to the 26-minute podcast here. Enjoy!

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