Supper’s ready!

I heard about a survey where Americans were asked what words they most liked to hear.

Number 1 was “I love you.” No surprise there. Number 2 was “I forgive you.” Makes sense. Number 3 was a bit less predictable. But it totally makes sense…

“Supper’s ready!”

I wonder why so many people like to hear those words. It’s probably because people are hungry and like to eat! But I think it’s something more than that too.

For those who of you who have multiple people under one roof, supper can be a time of togetherness, conversation and prayer. It’s when you thank God for providing for you, ask questions about each other’s lives, and make eye contact.

I love meal times—and not just for the food. In fact, one of the Bible passages I have framed in our home is Psalm 128. In verse 3 it talks about children being “like olive shoots around your table.” (And yes, sometimes I call my kids “olive shoots,” and double yes, they think I’m weird when I do that.)

My point is this. Seize those dinner-time moments—with your family or with your friends. What happens (or doesn’t happen) around the table might be a metaphor for your family life. Are you ungrateful, distracted or absent? Or are you thanking God, learning more about one another, and making eye contact? Doing that is a way to remind each other that God is there for us, that we are here for each other, and we will be there for each other come what may.

I realize life can get rushed. But use the summer to get back into a godly groove and go for gold.

Seize those dinner-time moments. What happens (or doesn’t happen) around the table might be a metaphor for your family life.

By Matthew Ruttan

  • “10 Things to Improve Your (Young) Kids’ Lives Starting Now” Today’s devo made me think of this post I wrote. So here you go. Enjoy! (And enjoy the recommendation to eat more ice cream too!)
  • This Sunday I’m starting a new 3-part teaching series called “Oops! – Half-truths we believe, how they hurt us, and how biblical truth can get us back on track.” To learn more click here.
  • “Up!” is published 5 days a week and returns on July 17th.


One thought on “Supper’s ready!

  1. Love this article…what irritates me is when you see people at the dinner table with hats on & their eyes on the phone…that’s a “no no” in my home


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