Is the point of life to be a good person?

Is the point of life to be a good person?

A lot of people think so. But what do they mean by “good”? Many things that were “good” in our society 50 years ago are no longer “good.” And many things that are “good” today will no longer be considered “good” 50 years from now.

If we think the point of life is to be “good” without reference to Christ, we’ve wobbled and tumbled off the rails.

Based on my study of the Bible, here is a faithful statement about the point of life. Drumroll please…

The point of life is to know, glorify and serve God through Jesus Christ. Or, if you need a shorter version—the point of life is to point to God.

Right now if you’re thinking, “Um, that answer isn’t very inspiring,” that’s because YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF GOD IS WAAAAAYYY TO SMALL.

Think about it. God is so amazing and mind-blowing that his majesty and beauty OVERFLOWS the universe. He is perfect LOVE and TRUTH and BEAUTY and HOLINESS and POWER and GOODNESS and JUSTICE and FAITHFULNESS and PEACE and JOY and CELEBRATION. The best person you’ve ever personally know isn’t a kazillionth of a fraction of that amount of awesomeness. If God is that God—and he is—then the only possible answer about the point of life is HIM.

Psalm 145:3 (NRSV) says God’s “greatness is unsearchable.” That’s Bible-speak for his awesomeness is beyond our comprehension and the limits of our imagination!

To be a Christian and say that the point of life is about anything other than God is like saying that the one who made you, eternally saved you, and gave you purpose isn’t worth your time and attention. It’s like receiving a special V.I.P. invitation to the Queen’s birthday party, and then telling your friends that nothing important happened that day—except on a scale that is cataclysmically larger.

So here’s the question we all need to ponder:

Are my priorities aligned with knowing, glorifying and serving God through Jesus Christ, or are my priorities aligned with my immediate health and happiness, and my personal (and fleeting) understanding of a “good” life?

It’s a work-in-progress for all of us, especially in our highly individualistic and God-resistant society. But when you remember who God actually is, things get clearer.

The point of life is to point to God.

By Matthew Ruttan

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