Pay attention to the prompts

We live in a time when the true meaning of Christmas can get lost. The hungry hustle and hype of our consumeristic culture does its best to muscle the manger off the stage to make room for Santa.

Make no mistake about it: the true meaning is found in Luke 2:11: “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.”

But even if we know this, we can still miss something. We can so focus on what he did among his people THEN that we miss what he’s doing among his people NOW. Here’s what I mean.

If Jesus came into the world to offer forgiveness, healing, and to show us the way back to our heavenly Father’s heart, and if Christians today are his “hands and feet,” doesn’t it make sense that he continues to do those same things through us at Christmas?

That’s why I think we should pay attention to the prompts.

I’m guessing that over the next week or two you’re going to experience some inner prompts. These are nudges from God to pray, or to help someone in a practical way, or to take a chance, or to make an invitation, or to call someone.

I think you should pay attention to them. If they are consistent with biblical teachings, and if they result in an opportunity to bless someone, they could be God, calling on his hands and feet, to amplify the true message and meaning of Christmas.

We can so focus on what God did among his people THEN that we miss what he’s doing among his people NOW.

Pay attention to the prompts.

By Matthew Ruttan

  • Why Christmas is difficult for so many people.” That’s my latest blog. And it’s not just about those who’ve had a tough year. Click here to read. Enjoy!
  • Bible quotes are from the New International Version.

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