Everything good in life multiplied times God

I’ve been talking about heaven; it will be anything but boring. It will be far better than anything we can experience on this earth. That can give us great hope through whatever we’re dealing with because the best is always yet to come.

Here’s something else about heaven. Psalm 16:11 (ESV) says that in God’s presence “there is fullness of joy.” So we know it will be a place of joy. And not partial-ness of joy, but FULL-ness of joy!

No more tears, cancer, or car accidents.

No more financial worries, disappointments, or friends ignoring you.

No more family feuds, painful relationships, or frustrating work.

No more social injustice, pollution, or cynicism.

No more anxiety, despair, or sleepless nights.

No more panic attacks, joint pain, or sick children.

Hospitals won’t even exist!

No more.

Las Vegas Pastor Jud Wilhite says that heaven like “will be everything good in life, multiplied times God, minus all the pain, sorrow, fear, injustice, and loss.”

Today, take a moment to think about heaven, and let a smile slide across your face. Thinking about it won’t make all of your challenges go away, but it can lift your spirits to know that hope is always on the horizon.

Hardship is temporary, but joy is for eternity.

By Matthew Ruttan
—Today’s “Up!” is partly based on my Sunday podcast – Part 2 in the Heaven and Hell series: What is heaven like? Click here to listen in.
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