The truly consecrated soul

We all carry things around with us. Throughout our days. Throughout our lives.

I’m talking about more than books, backpacks, or phones.

I’m talking about invisible burdens and unnecessary commitments. They could include…

-guilt about a choice you made five years ago
-a to-do list of irrelevant things that don’t really matter
-or even someone else’s picture-perfect dream for your life

That’s fine if you like to be sluggish. But ask a soldier if carrying extra baggage on the battlefield is a good idea.

Um, definitely not.

Andrew Murray writes that “the truly consecrated soul is as the soldier who carries only what he needs for the warfare.”

First, he’s talking about spiritual warfare (not physical warfare).

Second, he’s saying that if we are to be God’s holy people; if we are to love him more than the comforts and seductions of our culture; if we are to be Christ’s hands and feet of love, we need to shed the layers of junk that make us sluggish on the battlefield.

In Romans 12:11 Paul says: “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” He calls to mind focus, energy and commitment. Those are the opposites of distraction, laziness and apathy.

So what extra junk are you carrying that makes you sluggish on the battlefield? That make you vulnerable and ineffective for what matters most?

Shed the unnecessary baggage.

The truly consecrated soul is as the soldier who carries only what he needs for the warfare.”

By Matthew Ruttan

–“Help when it hurts.” That’s a new teaching series I’ll be starting this Sunday (June 9 at Westminster). No one gets a free pass through life. But we are promised God’s presence and help along the way. Click here for a 41-second YouTube video I made about what to expect.
–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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