The prayer list

I remember a cartoon that was really funny.

An unnamed man sees someone named Bob walking toward him. That triggers in his mind that he had said he would pray for Bob. But he had forgotten!

So, very quietly, and as Bob quickly approaches, he whispers, “Dear God, please help Bob.”

Seconds later he calls out, “Hey Bob, been prayin’ for ya!”

It’s funny. But it also reveals a truth: We have good intentions and want to pray for other people… but often forget.

So here’s what you can do: Make a prayer list.

Get a piece of paper, or open a note-taking app on your phone, and make a list.

For those with poor memories or wandering minds, it can reeeeeally help!

Include ongoing things to pray for like those in authority (people in government or at church), for your personal discipleship, for those you care about, for your church family, for the peace of Jerusalem, for those who are suffering—things of this nature.

Also include specific people or issues you’ve committed to praying for, and also for decisions you’re wrestling with or for God’s will for this chapter of your life.

That way, you won’t be like the guy who said he would pray for someone (Bob), but pretty much dropped the ball.

In Colossians 4:2 Paul writes, “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” The Bible tells us to pray. Jesus tells us to pray. It matters. It makes a difference.

So one very practical thing you can do to up your prayer game is to make a list.

Have it accessible. Use it. When you do so you’re being faithful, you’re being a person of your word, you’re being the hands and feet of Jesus, and you’re making a difference.

Make a prayer list.

By Matthew Ruttan

Here is a link to a VIDEO SUMMARY of the recent “Help When It Hurts” teaching series that I led. It includes the rationale for the series, the 6 guiding principles, and also the summaries of each of the 3 parts. I hope it offers help and hope. And why not share with someone you know who might benefit?
–Bible Quotes are from the NIV.

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