Don’t pretend to be perfect

Okay, let’s be honest.

Some people who believe in Christ can fall into a trap: Pretending to be perfect.

You’re right: It’s not always true! But it’s sometimes true, isn’t it?

Speaking to the believers in Corinth, Paul said, “we are ambassadors for Christ.” (2 Corinthians 5:20). And who doesn’t want to be a good ambassador for Christ, right? I do!

But here’s what happens. We can be so keen to shine the light that we never admit to any darkness.

But pretending to be perfect misses the point.

When people ask Pastor David Robertson what it means to be a Christian, here’s what he says: “I tell people that we are a group of messed-up people in a messed-up world, with a great Saviour.”*

Ain’t that the truth!

Let’s be faithful ambassadors for Christ. Let’s share his light, speak the truth, love one another, be humble, and get in on the ways he is healing and renovating our troubled world.

But let’s not pretend to be perfect in the process. First, we’re not. Second, it’s misleading to the people around us. And third, it downplays the awesomeness of the One who it’s all about: Jesus.

“I tell people that we are a group of messed-up people in a messed-up world, with a great Saviour.”

By Matthew Ruttan

THIS Sunday I’ll be talking about the Holy Spirit. Is the Holy Spirit an “it” or a “who”? What does the Holy Spirit do? If Christians are supposed to “have” the Holy Spirit, does he take shape the same way in everyone? Great questions! Click here to see a short YouTube video about what to expect.

–Bible verses are from the NIV.
*Quote from David Robertson, Engaging with Atheists, p. 94.
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