When life feels out of control

We humans like being in control. We’re so used to how much we like it, and to how much control we think we have, that we don’t even realize it.

A simple, modern example is how we can control the temperate of our homes from a smart phone app—even when we’re not there!

Previous generations were much more familiar with not having control. They knew what it was to feast or famine based on the weather and crops. Many didn’t even have doctors in their towns; illness came often and could be fatal.

Fast forward to today. It’s easy to think that because we can control SOME things that we should be able to control ALL things. But a global pandemic like COVID-19 reminds us—in a particularly frightening way—that some very significant things are beyond our control.

Today I’m here to tell you this: God is in control when you feel out of control.

Psalm 103:19 says, “The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.” In the ancient world, a throne was where a King authoritatively made decisions and cared for subjects. That is what God continues to do today, even if things seem shaky.

-Are you fearful of the coronavirus? God is on his throne.
-Are you finances unsure? God is on his throne.
-Are you anxious and uncertain about what the future will look like? God is on his throne.

And he loves you.

I realize that not having control is hard. But it’s important to remember that we never really had it in the first place. We may have had the ILLUSION of control, but it was only an illusion. There’s an old saying that there are only three days of the week that we have no control over: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The One who really needs to know what he’s doing does. What WE need to do is trust him.

God is in control when you feel out of control.

By Matthew Ruttan

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