Real hardship and real hope

The resurrection of Jesus transformed the apostles. 

Initially, they were sad and dejected after the crucifixion. They were probably also traumatized from what they had seen, and perhaps even ashamed since some of them had denied or abandoned Jesus.

But then they saw him alive again. It turned them into lions of courage and hope. Since they belonged to the resurrected Christ, they were now a part of his ongoing and life-giving work in the world. They didn’t do this by themselves. Far from it. They lived in the power of the Holy Spirit which God had given to them.

Some were seized and put in jail (Acts 4:3). They were persecuted (Acts 9:4-5). Some were stoned (Acts 14:19). Some were brought before authorities (Acts 26). Some were killed, like Stephen (Acts 7).

What was true for them is true for you. As you follow Jesus through life you too will experience trials. But real hope sustains you through real hardship as well.

Because of the resurrection we know that hate, despair, darkness and death never have the last say. The Word gets the last word.

Don’t just read about the resurrection. Trust it. Trust what God has done through it, and continues to do through it. Walk forward in life with the One who suffocates hate, despair, darkness and death with love, hope, light and life.

Real hope sustains you through real hardship.

–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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