Which captain?

In an argument with some opponents, Jesus said, “before Abraham was, I am” (John 8:58).

Jesus was teaching them about his divinity and pre-existence. When Jesus used the phrase “I am” (present tense, here and elsewhere), he was consciously using the name of God which was revealed to Moses in Exodus 3:14 and applying it to himself. (To hear more about this, click on the sermon link below.)

So of course he existed before Abraham, even though Abraham had walked the earth over 2000 years previous. He created Abraham!

One of the on-the-ground implications for you and me is that Jesus—as the great “I Am”—is the only captain who can claim our confidence in the storms of life.

Jesus successfully carried God’s people through the Middle Ages as the great “I Am.” Jesus successfully carried God’s people through the Black Plague, and the great depression, the World Wars, and September 11th.

Further, Jesus IS successfully carrying his people through the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, he WILL successfully carry God’s people through whatever is coming next!

Let’s say you’re about to go through a storm. But you can choose which ship to sail in. The captain in boat number one isn’t very experienced. But the captain in boat number two has an incredible track record. In fact, he’s successfully navigated every single storm, ever.

Which captain are you going to choose?

I pick the great “I Am”!

It’s a new day. Let’s re-pledge allegiance, face the storm, and trust the one who’s sailed it successfully before.


–“My Captain, My Ship.” Sermon. September 11, 2022. Click here.

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