When things are not as they should be

We want to be “like Jesus.” Definitely. 

Should we be loving, humble and sacrificial for the benefit of others? Yes. That’s being like Jesus.

What about crying like Jesus? That’s not usually something we put in the same category. But consider this.

After his friend Lazarus had died, and after seeing Mary and Martha crying, Jesus “was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly troubled.” The phrase “deeply moved” could also be translated as “indignant.”

Death and Satan still swung their battleaxes, and the kingdom of God still had—and has—ground to take. In light of all this, “Jesus wept” (John 11:35).

Perhaps it’s a strange thought but crying can be a sign of Christlikeness. I’m not talking about all crying, but some crying. I’m referring to when we look around and see things in our lives or in the world which are not as they should be. We become deeply moved, even indignant. Sometimes our tears share something in common with the tears of Jesus.

Someone we love dies and death reaches out with its ferocious claws. An innocent child gets caught in the fire of someone else’s anger. Evil rears its ugly head. Someone we have trusted for a long time lets us down and brings havoc into our lives. We get so overwhelmed that we can’t find rest… or someone to talk to… or the new day we thought we’d already be living by now.

Brothers and sisters, tears are not a sign of weakness. They are sometimes a sign of Christlikeness.

And because of that, and because of his never-failing grip and grace, they are never the end of the story…


–Sermon. “Crying like Jesus.” Today’s devotional is a mini and partial version of the sermon from October 16, 2022. Click here to watch or listen.

–Bible quotes are from the NIV.

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