It exploded, but praise continued

A monk shared an experience with theologian Karl Barth:  “One evening, being choirmaster of his monastery, he was chanting the Magnificat with his confrères, when suddenly a French shell crashed through the roof and exploded in the nave of the church. But the smoke thinned away and the Magnifcat continued.”* Even the violence and chaos … Continue reading It exploded, but praise continued

You don’t have it all together; but he does

You’re not at your best. None of us are. Living through a pandemic—especially through lockdowns—is no walk in the park. Nor is continued political turmoil, fear of illness, or uncertainty about the future. Today I offer a word of comfort. In Luke 4:40 we read: “At sunset, the people brought to Jesus all who had … Continue reading You don’t have it all together; but he does

Live securely (in the midst of battle)

In yesterday’s devotional I encouraged you to acknowledge that the battle of spiritual warfare is real. God is on the warpath against evil, sin, and darkness—and many of his foot soldiers are often taking a nap. Neil Anderson and Timothy Warner observe: “The difference between military warfare and spiritual warfare is that we are always … Continue reading Live securely (in the midst of battle)