The talent you never knew you had

I’m guessing that a lot of you have a talent you never knew you had: Listening. Many people are burdened. Maybe that’s why Paul encouraged the Galatians to “Carry each other’s burdens…” (Galatians 6:2) People had them then. People have them now. Listening is just that. Listening. Not talking. Not solving. Not judging. Not fixing. … Continue reading The talent you never knew you had

Dealing with frustration

It’s easy to get frustrated. That’s why having a different attitude toward your frustrations can make them… well, less frustrating. So what is this “better approach”? Frustrations aren’t always final. They might just be calling your attention to something that needs to change. For example: -If you’re continually frustrated that there aren’t enough hours in the … Continue reading Dealing with frustration

Humility: He asked him to step on his neck

St. Francis is one of great heroes of the faith. He died in 1226. I’ve always been inspired by his example of humility, sincerity, love, poverty and charity. There’s a little known story about an interaction he had with someone named Friar Bernard. Apparently, Francis had a negative thought about the Friar. Upon realizing this, and … Continue reading Humility: He asked him to step on his neck