Physical rest without mental rest? (1 1-day invitation)

[Note: After today, the Up! devotional is going on pause for August while I’m on vacation. Full announcement below.] Many people are experiencing what I call “soul fatigue.” An article from the University of California describes the situation well: “We’re tired of being cooped up, tired of being careful, tired of being scared… ‘This is … Continue reading Physical rest without mental rest? (1 1-day invitation)

Social media torture = less contentment

We’ve been thinking about invisible robbers who steal your contentment. And more specifically, one who tries to convince you to put too much stock in (a) comparing yourself to others (in person or online), and (b) the judgments and criticisms of others. It’s definitely a big topic. Alain de Bottom wrote a book about “Status … Continue reading Social media torture = less contentment