Your greatest legacy may not be what you do

Colossians 3:12
“Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness…” (ESV)

Today’s Thought
Paul Tudor Jones is a Wall Street Legend. He’s made money for 29 consecutive seasons. With all the ups and downs that’s pretty remarkable. When other people see risk he sees opportunity. That attitude is partly what has made him a billionaire!

But he’s a billionaire with a heart.

He decided to adopt a troubled grade 6 class and pay for the college education of anyone who completed high school. He helped out many kids. But only a third graduated.

It made him aware of how big the challenges are for many people. So he started The Robin Hood Foundation. To this day, it has pumped out 1.45 billion dollars to worthy causes.

Someone asked Jones why he was so passionate about helping others. He replied by telling a story about being separated from his mother at an outdoor food market when he was four.

A tall stranger helped him. He comforted the young boy, reassured him, and re-connected him with his mother. Jones said that the experience “spawned a lifetime of trying to always repay that kindness.”

The reason I tell you this is because it can be easy to beat yourself up if you’re not making some kind of “big,” measurable impact like Jones. Most of us won’t end up in a history book or have the wing of a hospital named after us.

But when you are sincere in your kindness, your legacy exponentially expands beyond your wildest dreams.

What was the name of that stranger who helped Jones when he was four? No one knows! But who can argue with his legacy? It includes Paul Tudor Jones, a grade 6 class, many college scholarships, The Robin Hood Foundation, and 1.45 billion dollars in giving.

Today, don’t limit your vision to what you can see.

Your greatest legacy may not be what you do. Your greatest legacy may be what the next generation does because of you.

By Matthew Ruttan

2 thoughts on “Your greatest legacy may not be what you do

  1. Profound!!! It’s called the “ripple affect”. Throw a stone in the water, observe what happens. Kindness & gratitude (highest vibration of energy) is an opportunity to create a rippling affect. They say when you are kind to one person, 10+ people are affected. It is all about “others”!


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