With apologies to Christmas cards everywhere

1 Peter 5:7
“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (NIV)

Today’s Thought
One of the benefits to writing a daily devotional is that it keeps me accountable.

Not only do I spend time praying, thinking and writing every day, but it challenges me to live out the things I write about in my own life.

But here’s another one of the benefits. People quote me back to myself and remind me what I said about something!

For example, if I write about striking the right balance between work and rest, and then have a hectic week where I’m a bit out of whack, someone will gently remind me that “a certain pastor” in “a certain devotional” just talked about this very thing!

We laugh together and I’m reminded that all people are works in progress… including me!

So in today’s devotional I’m going to invite all of us to slow down a bit this December.

And to prove that I’m trying to practice what I preach, I’m going to share one thing that my wife and I just might do to make it a reality.

But I’ve got to warn you. It’s pretty dramatic. In fact, it’s so “out there” that some of you might get really mad at me. Are you ready? Here goes:

This year we may NOT send out Christmas cards.

I know, crazy, right? Some of you just shuddered at the thought. A few others just stroked the Ruttans off of your own Christmas card list.

My wife and I did the math. We figure it will give us back two evenings. And do you know what we’re going to do with them? Nothing. We’ll probably read an extra story to the kids, stare at the Christmas tree with a hot chocolate and go to bed before 10pm.


Ask yourself: What’s essential, and what’s dispensable?

I’m not knocking the general awesomeness of Christmas cards. In fact, when one comes in we put it up on the wall. But this year—for us—with all that’s going on in our lives, at our church, and with our kids, we’re just going to drop something that’s dispensable to help us focus on what’s essential.

And that’s okay.

This December, why not slow down a bit? It just might give you one less headache and one more smile.

By Matthew Ruttan

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