How many times you get up

1 Timothy 6:11
“But you, man of God… pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance…” (NIV)

Today’s Thought
In this country, about 10 million people just made a New Year’s Resolution.

Apparently, the most popular ones have to do with living a healthier lifestyle, focusing on the positive, and spending more time with family and friends.

About 7 million of those people will break their own Resolution before the year is done.

I’m not saying you should make a New Year’s Resolution. In fact, if you’re like most people, you’re so used to breaking your own Resolutions that you probably think they’re not worth making!

But I want you to reconsider that attitude—not about Resolutions, but about dreaming so big for 2017 that it kind of scares you.

Here’s why I think many of us don’t pursue our big dreams… those dreams about starting an awesome new project, or making that personal change you’ve always thought about, or committing something important to God:

It’s because we think we’re not ready.

But friends, let me tell you this. You’re never ready. You’re afraid you’ll fail or look bad.

And that’s okay. But know this:

Life isn’t defined by how many times you fall, but by how many times you get up.

As John Ortberg says: “If you wait to move until you’re fully ready, you’ll wait until you die.”

Each new day—and each new year—is another page one. It’s a book the future you can be excited to read.

So in 2017, dream big. You might fail, but that’s okay.

Life isn’t defined by how many times you fall, but by how many times you get up.

By Matthew Ruttan

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