They brought in pets. And everything changed.

Revelation 22:9
“Worship God!” (NIV)

Today’s Thought
Maybe it’s because we’re so used to shopping through all the stores at the mall or picking and choosing whatever we want from restaurant menus. Whatever the reason, in today’s society, it’s hard not to be…


Even when it comes to worship.

Believe it or not we are actually made to worship God. That makes worship primarily about God… and not primarily about us.

In his book Being Mortal, physician Atul Gawande, tells a story about a doctor in a nursing home who brought in pets to be cared for by the residents.

This had a massive and positive impact. The residents “began to wake up and come to life. People who we had believed weren’t able to speak started speaking… People who had been completely withdrawn and nonambulatory started coming to the nurses’ station and saying, ‘I’ll take the dog for a walk.’ All the parakeets were adopted and named by the residents.”

The doctor concluded, “I believe that the difference in [lower] death rates can be traced to the fundamental human need for a reason to live.” Then Gawande himself observes that “we all seek a cause beyond ourselves.”

For those of us who are Christians, a part of this great “cause beyond ourselves” is to glorify God. It is to so honour and praise the Lord, that he replaces you at the centre of your life.

So when you worship, don’t just think about what you consume and get out of it—but what it means to give honour and thanks to the One who calls you by name, floods your life with purpose, and who deserves every morsel of respect you can throw his way.

“We all seek a cause beyond ourselves,” Gawande says. For us, a part of that cause is to glorify God. And when that happens, what you find is that you keep coming back to life too.

By Matthew Ruttan

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