Baseball, bullfights, or both?

Two groups of people participated in an experiment.

The first was a bunch of Americans who had never been to Mexico. The second was a group of Mexicans who had never been to America.

The researchers asked everyone to look into some binoculars. But they weren’t normal binoculars. At the end of one lens was a picture of a baseball game. At the end of the other was a picture of a bullfight.

(Baseball is common in America, and bullfights are common in Mexico.)

Both groups were asked to look into the binoculars—but only for a moment—and report what they saw. The Americans said they saw a baseball game. And the Mexicans said they saw a bullfight.

But why?

The researchers speculated that we often see what we’re used to seeing. If you’re used to seeing a baseball game, your brain will pick up on that first. If you’re used to seeing bullfights, your brain will pick up on that first.

When it comes to God, I think our brains often operate in the same way. We think that God only works in our lives in ways that are consistent with how we’ve experienced him in the past.

When Jesus is talking to the disciples about the difficult but life-saving journey of faith he says that “with God all things are possible” (Matt 19:26). He doesn’t say that with God all things are possible insofar as they’re consistent with how you’ve experienced him in the past with your limited vision.

No. He says that with God all things are possible.

That includes things you haven’t thought of before. If those things are faithful to what we learn about God’s character in the Bible, and if your heart is prayerfully set on learning and doing his will before your own, those things will start to materialize around you, in you, and because of you.

The possibilities of God are not limited by your limited perspective.

Look bigger. There may be more God-inspired prospects staring you in the face than what first meets the eye.

By Matthew Ruttan

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