Have you ever noticed that people who think they’re really smart also think you’re not?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed something about the (truly) wise people in my life. Those who are truly wise (a) aren’t threatened by the wisdom of others, and (b) are always open to learning more.

Recently I came across Psalm 50:17. Speaking to a wicked person, God said, “You hate my instruction and cast my ways behind you.” To get the full gist you need to read the whole Psalm. But I find it illuminating that the wicked person hates instruction–they hate being taught God’s ways; they hate guidance.

(Maybe they think they already know everything.)

Don’t get me wrong. Wise people aren’t wishy-washy or vacant. They also know things. They know LOTS of things… about life and love, about knowing right from wrong, about knowing when to speak and when to put a sock in it.

But they also know that the world is a big ‘ole place, and that the Maker of heaven and earth has a bigger brain than they do.

Let’s call it teachableness.

Today, as you venture into conversations, relationships and decisions, do you already know everything? I hope not; that’s a lonely existence.

Be open to the Lord’s instruction–through him directly, and through others.

The more you learn the more there is to learn.

By Matthew Ruttan


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