Woolly socks for a prostitute

One of the things I’m trying to improve in my own life is listening to God. I’m pretty good at talking to him. But listening? Not so much.

When I say ‘listening’ I’m not just talking about hearing an audible voice. I’m talking about those curious inner promptings that you don’t quite understand at the moment, but which could very well be God directing you to act or think in a certain way for his glory.

A great example of this comes from a woman who worked at the Dream Center in Birmingham, Alabama. The Dream Center has a ministry to prostitutes.

One morning she was headed to work and had an inner “nudge” to get some woolly socks. Yup, woolly socks. She could have ignored it, but she didn’t. So she went back in and got them.

And it’s a good thing she did.

When she got to the Dream Center she discovered a prostitute passed out on the front steps. She called 911 and held the unconscious woman in her arms while she waited. But as she regained consciousness she asked her, “If I could get you anything, what would it be?”

The trembling prostitute answered, “A pair of woolly socks.”

No word of a lie!

When she saw the socks she smiled and added, “They even match my outfit.”


I firmly believe that if you consistently worship God; that if you consistently seek his will before your own; that if you consistently pray and read the Bible; that if you consistently look for ways to bring heaven to earth, that God will start communicating with you to help you do just that.

I like what it says in Psalm 37:4: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (NIV) Because the more you delight in him, the more your desires come into line with his own.

Pay attention. Listen. And respond.

If need to shift your prayer life in a new direction, perhaps you should try doing a little less talking, and a little more listening.

By Matthew Ruttan

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