Then your schedule makes you

Every September I’m reminded of the fact that it’s New Year’s.

You’re right. There are no fireworks or midnight countdowns—just work schedules, school bags, and hockey practice. But I think September is the REAL New Year’s. It’s when we get back to the routines that will shape the next 12 months of our lives.

So, how is your routine?

If you’re thoughtful about it, your daily routine can help you live out your priorities in a real and tangible way. In fact, at first you make your schedule, but then your schedule makes you! What I mean is that if you don’t craft it in the right way, it will have a reverse debilitating impact on your daily life.


Do you want to get in shape? Schedule it in and tie up your shoes or get to the gym. Consistently.

Do you want to get back to worship? Set your alarm on Sunday and head to church. Consistently.

Do you want to improve your marriage? Set some mutual goals and schedule time to make them happen. Consistently.

Do you want to get outside your comfort zone? Take an evening, research volunteer opportunities, and get out there. Consistently.

People who stagnate think things through over and over again. But they fail on the follow up. People who grow, however, still think things through. But they do something about it.

On Sunday I’ll be talking about Psalm 90:12: “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” It’s a request for God to make us aware of how limited our time on earth is, so that we can gain wisdom for how to go about our lives in a godly way… Today.

Putting into practice a routine that honours the limited time you have, and which helps you achieve godly priorities, is one of the most practical ways for you to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

Remember, as you launch into this (real) New Year’s, at first you make your schedule, but then your schedule makes you.

By Matthew Ruttan


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