Strike me blind in one eye!

Today I share a story I’ve adapted from William White.

It’s about two business men. Their stores were across the road from one another and they had an incredible rivalry.

When one made a big sale, he’d walk over to the other man’s store to boast about it. And the other did the same. This went on month by month and year by year.

So one day God sent an angel to one of the business men. “The Lord God has chosen to give you a great gift,” the angel said. “Whatever you desire, you will receive. Ask for riches, long life, or healthy children, and the wish is yours. There is one stipulation,” the angel cautioned. “Whatever you receive, your competitor will get twice as much. If you ask for 1000 gold coins, he will receive 2000. If you become famous, he will become twice as famous.”

The angel smiled. “This is God’s way of teaching you a lesson.”

The business man thought about it for a minute, and then said, “You will give me anything I request?” The angel nodded. Then the man’s face darkened as he gave his answer:

I ask that you strike me blind in one eye.”

All of us can get angry. There are times when our anger is justified. But there are times when it isn’t.

If left unchecked, it will start to darken how you see the world. Not only will it have a negative impact on the people around you, but it will have a negative impact on you as well.

James 1:20 says, “Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires.” Anger tends to feed itself–and not with faith, hope and love.

So if you have a deep unsettled anger, or even if you have a penchant for letting your frustrations fester, take steps to deal with it.

Bring it to God.
Talk to a friend.
Read the gospels and be reminded of who you were created to be.

Smoldering anger is a flame-throwing boomerang. It doesn’t just hurt others–it hurts you.

By Matthew Ruttan

  • “Up!” is published 5 days a week (Tuesday to Saturday) and returns on November 21st.
  • Today’s story is adapted from William R. White, Stories for Telling.

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