When you KNOW what’s important…

In yesterday’s devotional I talked about resisting the holiday hurricane. The holidays can seem like a storm that sweeps us away. It can get incredibly busy, expensive, shallow and stressful—dislodging us from our sensible moorings in a bluster of candy cane flavoured insanity.

In light of this, one way to resist the storm and make your Christmas more meaningful is to colour it with service. It’s to look at your holiday and figure out how you can serve and help others.

Today I want to push a bit further on that same theme with a story.

There was a young boy who really wanted a new BMX Bike for Christmas. But his parents knew it was expensive and weren’t keen on it.

One night his mom even caught him praying about it.  She criticized him because there were so many other things he should be praying about instead.

The next morning the mom went downstairs and admired their beautiful nativity scene. But she saw that something was wrong with it. The wise men and shepherds were there. So were Joseph and Jesus.

But Mary was missing.

She went closer and noticed a note where Mary would normally be. The note said, “Dear Jesus, if you ever want to see your mother again, you had better get me that BMX bike.”

Here’s why I like that story. How many of us spend Christmas trying to get what we want, instead of what Jesus wants?

The truth is this: When you KNOW what’s important you DO what’s important. In Matthew 20:28 Jesus said that he “did not come to be served, but to serve…” So if we know that Christmas is about the birth of a Servant Saviour (and not consumerism or our own immediate wants), then we are more likely to mirror our celebrations on the priorities of the One who is the reason for the party.

When you KNOW what’s important you DO what’s important. That’s why we serve.

In your relationships, with yourself, and at Christmas.

By Matthew Ruttan


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