Turn holidays into holy days with this prayer

The word “holiday” comes from the phrase “holy day.”

The idea with holy days is that they’re set apart from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life to help us celebrate, focus on, and learn from something godly and exceptional.

Christmas is a holy day.

But when we treat it as a “holiday” it doesn’t always feel like we’re being drawn into a time of deeper devotion. Instead, it often feels like we’re being shoved into mile-long lines at the mall and hair-pulling schedules.

So how do you turn your holiday into a holy day?

When I’m feeling tired, tested and tried, one of the things I do is rely on the prayers of others. What I mean is that I find some prayer resources—prayers written by other people—and pray them for myself.

After all, the prayers of others can offer a sturdy foundation when you feel like a bramble in the wind.

Paul’s advice to his readers in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 was to “pray without ceasing.” If you feel like ceasing but know you shouldn’t, you may need some help from your brothers and sisters in faith.

This December, if you’re feeling tired, tested and tried, I’d like to offer you a prayer that I shared with my congregation this past week. Why not make it your own? (You can even link to a downloadable version below to put up somewhere.)

Meditate on the words, make them personal, invite God’s power into your soul, and turn your holidays into holy days:

Generous God,
As we approach Christmas,
stop us from being swept away by lesser things.
Help us KNOW what’s important,
so that we DO what’s important.
Because of the birth of our Servant Saviour
help us colour our Christmas with service,
and give us the courage to stand out for our faith.
We pray in the name of Bethlehem’s Child,
who gives us so much more
than we give him,

By Matthew Ruttan


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