Doing something “significant”

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What does it mean to do something “significant”?

John Bowen tells a story about his friend Paul, a top student at Yale University.

During his summers he was a camp counselor. He worked in a program that helped disabled young people. At the time, he earned $2 a day.

For two summers he cared for one person, Glen, a man in his twenties who couldn’t speak, walk by himself, go to the bathroom alone, or clean himself. Glen functioned intellectually as if he was 18 months old.

And Paul helped him—with everything.

I wonder if there was a “better” or more “significant” way for Paul to spend his summers. He could have made more money elsewhere. He could have sought out opportunities that would have been more impressive on the resume of a bright young Yale student.

But Paul loved God, and he loved God’s people. So that was the driving force for why he spent his summers with Glen.

To me, it seems that the “wisdom of our world”  is that we should get ahead, accumulate, climb the ladder, and “be somebody.” But in 1 Corinthians 3:19 Paul has a word of correction for people living in the ancient world that still applies to our situation today—that “the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight.”

So what does it mean to do something “significant”? It means to act lovingly and to speak truthfully in the footsteps of Jesus, regardless of the opinions of those who are drunk with misplaced priorities.

To do something “significant,” is simply to do something for God.

By Matthew Ruttan
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