Less is more

Welcome to the world of Bigger-Better-More! “You want it! You deserve it! Go for it!”

(Even if you can’t afford it.)

It’s easy to get sucked in, isn’t it? But unfortunately, drinking the Kool-Aid of instant gratification draws us into a lifestyle of living beyond our means…

which actually COMPLICATES our lives.

Here’s why.

As far as I can tell, there is no other time in human history when people can access such easy credit. Not only does this put us in constant debt to a lender or credit card company and cause us to pay more for things than they’re worth (because of interest fees), but easy credit encourages the hamster wheel of getting more and more stuff because it tricks you into thinking you can actually afford it.

But more isn’t more. LESS is more. True riches come from somewhere much deeper, rooted and permanent.

In 1 Timothy 6:6 Paul writes, “godliness with contentment is great gain.” Or, as it says in another translation, “great wealth.” Did you see it? Great gain and wealth comes from godliness combined with contentment—being satisfied with what you already have.

So be satisfied.

Living simply isn’t the same as living simplistically. Living SIMPLY is:
-an immunity to the shiny allure of Bigger-Better-More
-a straightforward commitment to personal integrity and honesty
-being grateful for what you already have
-and trusting that God can actually provide for your needs. 

More isn’t always more. Less is more.

“…godliness with contentment is great gain.”

By Matthew Ruttan

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