Integrity — no matter what

In 1985 a tornado ripped through Barrie, Ontario—the city where I live.

Just recently I was told about something that happened in the midst of that wicked storm. A Mennonite person saw a dollar on the sidewalk and returned it to City Hall. So if anyone had lost it they would be able to find and re-claim it.

Can you imagine doing that for a single dollar?!

Today, that dollar remains at City Hall. They framed it and hung it on the wall as an enduring testimony to personal integrity.

Integrity is about consistency. 

Imagine yourself standing before God. Since you’re before the Lord God Almighty, you’re going to do your best to talk and act in a way that honours him. So integrity is trying to live with that same rigour even when you can’t see God. 

It’s trying to consistently live for God’s glory and not your own.

So what does that look like on the ground?

-It’s admitting when you’re wrong even if it will cause personal embarrassment. 
-It’s standing up for God’s truth even when it will make you unpopular. 
-It’s showing compassion toward someone—even if they rub you the wrong way—because they are made in the image of the God you serve. 

What are you going to say and do today? Maybe Psalm 25:21 can be your prayer and guide: “May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, LORD, is in you.”

Integrity is about consistency. It’s trying to live consistently for God and his glory…

No matter what.

By Matthew Ruttan

  • “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle”… Really? – That was my latest podcast from Westminster. In it I debunk this expression (that many people think is in the Bible), and explore how God is active in our lives in the midst of our troubles. You can listen to the 25-minute message here. Enjoy!


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