The words that are inspired inspire

Have you ever played Scrabble? The idea is simple: Make words for points, and whoever gets the most points wins.

But issues can arise when someone puts a word on the board that the other player doesn’t recognize. If challenged it has to be looked up in an agreed-upon dictionary. The word only stays if it’s valid.

To me this is a simple-but-helpful way to think about the authority of the Bible.

To Christians, it carries a liberating and powerful weight. As it says in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is inspired by God…” Because of that it’s the agreed-upon Book. Since it’s the primary place where we learn about God’s will, it shows us the meaning of life, the difference between right and wrong, what God is like, and how we live as Christ followers.

So what’s in there matters.

By saying this, I don’t assume that its contents are always easy to understand or that there isn’t a diversity of opinion about how to interpret certain passages.

But the key is to (a) take its authority seriously; (b) read it daily—and wrestle with it if you have to (!); and (c) live differently as a result.

Those who neglect God’s words can’t blame God for silence.

-What question do you have about life?
-What decision do you need to make?
-Where is Jesus leading you next?

The words that are inspired inspire. So look to the book.

By Matthew Ruttan

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