Hypocrisy (on both ends of the spectrum)

[Notice – I’m away for vacation in August (yahoo!) So the devotionals you’ll receive this month are some favourites from the past few years. Consider them previews from the upcoming book: “Up! – 313 Devotionals To Help You Start Your Day In A Biblical, Relevant Way.” Enjoy!]

“You’re a hypocrite.” Has anyone ever said that to you? It’s a nasty and unpleasant thing!

A hypocrite is a pretender—someone who says they believe certain ideals but doesn’t actually live them out in their own life. Hypocrites were the people Jesus often railed against.

But guess what? Regardless of your theological leanings, it’s easy to become one!

So how do you guard against it? How do you become more like Jesus and less like the hypocrites he warned us against?

John 1:14 says that Jesus came into the world “full of grace and truth.” Not grace and no truth, and not truth and no grace. But both grace and truth.

I think some people focus on just half of the equation. They mentally agree with the right doctrines but don’t live in a loving, gracious way. Or they focus on loving (in a vague sense) while disregarding God’s truth and right and wrong.

Both extremes are hypocritical.

Truth without love isn’t really truth; and love without truth isn’t really love.

So where are you on the spectrum? Come on, be honest: Do you need to be more loving toward the people around you, or do you need to take God’s truth more seriously?

Jesus was full of both grace and truth. When we humbly make a serious effort to grow both of those things within ourselves, we’re making a move to be more like Jesus and less like the hypocrites he warned us against.

The more truth, the more love; the more love, the more truth.

By Matthew Ruttan

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