Modern miracles

On Sunday I interviewed Will Han as a part of a new teaching series called Miracles. He’s a serial church planter, pastor, and Executive VP of Lausanne Movement Canada. He’s also a good friend of mine!

By nature, Will is a skeptic. But on mission trips to bring the message of Christ to remote parts of the world, he has seen tremendous healing miracles like broken bones being instantly fused back together, and people who were unable to walk for over 40 years spring back to their feet as a result of God’s intervention.

These events make Will think of Jesus’ words in Luke 6:46: “As for everyone who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice, I will show you what they are like.”

I asked Will what he’s learned through it all. Although there is much he admits he doesn’t know, in his experience, God’s miracles follow God’s mission. 

In other words, when you discover and get involved with the things God wants to do in the world, and when you fully depend on Jesus in the process, you’re probably going to see some astounding things!

These miracles aren’t magic tricks. They’re about giving God glory, and spreading his life-saving and life-giving message. It’s about obedience.

[If you want to listen to my full interview with Will click here.]

Friends, how would you live differently if you knew that God, because of his great love, was still actively doing astounding things in his world—and even in your own life?

God’s miracles follow God’s mission.

By Matthew Ruttan


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