A God-sized dream

We all have dreams… Dreams to be a certain kind of person. Dreams to make such-and-such contribution to your community. Dreams to achieve this or that…

That’s great. But I think it’s helpful to occasionally look at yourself in the mirror and ask whether your dreams are too small.

That’s right, too small.

Life has a way of intimidating us. A few bad experiences crush down on your soul. As a result, you tend to retreat to a less risky mental space where it isn’t as painful.

I get that.

But then I read Proverbs 3:5: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…” To me, it’s about swinging for the fence because the Holy Spirit is not only the pitcher and your bat, but the wind behind the ball.

Maybe you need a different life path or career. Maybe you need to start a new service project or outreach. Maybe you need be generous in an area of your life that was previously off limits.

Mark Batterson says that, “A God-sized dream is beyond your ability to pull off.” That’s what makes the dream so awesome. If it honours God, and if you invite him into the driver’s seat, he can direct it, get the credit, and put the various pieces together to assemble something of eternal significance.

Does your life need a re-jig? Maybe it’s time to dream big.

By Matthew Ruttan

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