Tweaking your average life

Day in and day out—the same old thing. Do you ever get down about your average life?

But just because your life is “normal” that doesn’t mean it can’t be exceptional. 

One of the ways to do that is with a “kingdom tweak.” It’s tweaking something you’re already doing to benefit God’s kingdom.

Take Erica Symonette. She uses profits from her online store to help victims of sex trafficking.

So think about your own life for a moment: Is there something in your life you’re already doing that you can tweak for the kingdom?

Maybe a Facebook friend is always posting about their problems. Since you’re free on Wednesday evening, why not meet them for a slushy and some encouragement? That’s a kingdom tweak.

Or maybe you love selling old stuff on eBay. Give a percentage to the women’s shelter. That’s a kingdom tweak.

Perhaps you can buy an extra lunch and give it to the guy on the corner. That’s a kingdom tweak.

Psalm 103:19 says that the Lord’s “kingdom rules over all.” You can be a part of the good and God-honouring action. Think of your nine-to-give, evening time, and free time. What can you tweak for the sake of the kingdom?

Friends, just because your life is “normal” that doesn’t mean it can’t be exceptional. 

By Matthew Ruttan

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