Just do it for Jesus

Well, I’m pretty excited. Today this devotional is being published as a book! It’s called “Up! – 313 Devotionals To Help You Start Your Day in a Biblical, Relevant Way.” (See the links below.)

I started “Up!” in 2015. I had been thinking about a writing a devotional for a while. And I liked the idea of writing something that was to-the-point and down-to-earth.

But do you know what? I didn’t really plan it out. Yes, I prayed about it and felt God giving me a nudge. But I didn’t overthink it. I didn’t do a “strategic plan.” My “plan” was simply to open my Bible, pray and write. Period.

So, what’s my point?

Sometimes you just need to just do something for Jesus.

When we over-plan and pontificate for a zillion hours about what we should or shouldn’t do, it’s easy to discover a zillion things that could go wrong. When that happens, we can over-plan our way into a jail cell of inaction.

Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Commit to him “whatever you do,” and then just let him take it from there.

There’s an expression that we should always “err on the side of caution.” Sometimes, yes. But not always. I once heard someone say that we should “err on the side of action” a lot more often!

I never could have imagined or predicted all the awesome things that have happened through this devotional. But if I had planned, planned again, and planned some more, it probably never would have happened.

Maybe there’s something in your life that you’ve been thinking about doing for God’s glory or to bless others. Are you over-thinking it? Are you stalled? If so, maybe you just need to err on the side of action.

Just do it for Jesus.

By Matthew Ruttan


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