How to grow in godliness

“Godliness” is like “world peace”—we want it but we’re not sure how to get it!

So let’s break it down. Godliness is being “of God” or more “like God.” Since we’re all flawed, none of us will ever totally get there, but we definitely want to make progress.

2 Peter 3:11-12 says: “You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.” In other words, as we wait for Jesus’ return, we’re not supposed to sit around, cultivate apathy, and twiddle our thumbs. We’re to “live holy and godly lives.”

To do that we need to know what God’s character is like. Then we need to cultivate that same character in us.

For example…
–If God is truthful, we want to be truthful.
–If God is loving, we want to be loving.
–If God is just, we want to be just.
–If God is holy, we want to be holy.

One barrier people run into is that they just don’t specifically know what God is like. So here’s an idea: When you read a biblical story, ask yourself this: What does this tell me about God’s character?

As you read through your Bible, you will start to notice consistencies in God’s character. These are made most clear in Jesus.

So, if you want to grow in godliness, read through the biblical stories. As you go through each one, ask yourself: What does this tell me about God’s character?

That will make you more knowledgeable about what you need to work on within yourself.

By Matthew Ruttan

–My latest podcast is “Big Hope in The Age of Melancholy.” It’s about being people of hope in a time when there is so much despair, hopelessness and cynicism. But you can’t be a person of hope if you don’t know what yours is. Hopefully this sermon will help you figure it out. Click here to listen.

–“Hope When It Hurts.” That’s a new teaching series I’m starting at Westminster on June 9. Click here to see a 48-second YouTube video I made about what to expect.

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